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Frequently Asked Questions

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You will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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How Long Does It Take To Create My New Website?

The time it takes to create your new website will depend on the size of your website, however, as a guideline, our aim is to have your new website live on the web within 7 – 35 days from your scheduled start date.


Are My Website Files Backed Up?

Website files are backed up every week as a precautionary measure in the event of system failure or other uncontrollable forces that result in loss of website data. Please see our Terms Of Service for more information.


Do You Create Adult or Gambling Websites?

We can design and host a website for sales of Legal Adult products, but we do not create or host Live Adult Material Content or Gambling websites on our server due to the excessive amount of resources that these types of sites often consume. Please see our Terms Of Service for more information.


Where do I sign-up for a PayPal account?

Go to PayPal website You will need to sign-up for either a Premier or Business account. The sign-up process is easy and your account is created immediately. PayPal deposits your account funds into your bank account upon your request. PayPal does not charge for having an account but simply deducts a small percentage from all transactions.


What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is your allocated traffic allowance: 1GB of bandwidth will allow an estimated 3-4000 visitors per month to your website. Our Standard Hosting plan is provided for the hosting of each new website, and this allows a maximum of 3GB bandwidth usage per month. If traffic on your website begins to exceed 80% of the monthly bandwidth allowance, you will be asked to upgrade your monthly bandwidth allowance. Each additional 1GB of bandwidth will be charged at the rate of £2 per month.


What is Disk Space?

Your new website is allocated disk space for storing all files associated with your website. The Standard Hosting plan allows a maximum of 100MB storage space for your new website. For every 1MB of storage space, around 51 image files of 20kb file size can be stored on the system. The allocated storage space is usually more than sufficient for most Brochure websites and small-medium size Web Shops. If you have a Web Shop, and continually increase the number of products in your shop, you may eventually require more storage space and need to request an upgrade. An additional 1GB of storage space will be charged at the rate of £1.40 per month.


What is the best way to contact Website Creation?

Our preferred method of Contact is via our messaging system.

For Pre-Sales or General Enquiries, please click here

If you are a Client, please follow the links below to contact us.

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